Monthly Archives: September 2019

The 3 Best Easy Diamond Drill Storage Solutions

Drill Storage Containers For Diamond Painting On A Table

Looking for a way to organize all the tiny diamond drills that come with each and every diamond painting kit? We have you covered!!! From drill storage containers you can purchase to storage hacks using common household items, this article will get you organized in a flash. No matter what type of storage or organization …

Drill Storage containers for diamond painting on a table

Round vs Square Drills. Which is Better For Me?

Closeup Of Round And Square Diamond Drills

Considering purchasing your first Diamond Painting but not sure which drill shape is right for you? Wanting to know the advantages of round vs square drills? The great news is you will not make a bad choice. Round and Square drills both create beautiful works of art, though each has different benefits. When choosing the …

Closeup of round and square diamond drills

A Diamond Painting Glossary of 39 Essential Terms

A Typewriter Typing Out &Quot;Diamond Painting Dictionary&Quot;

Diamond Painting, like many other craft style hobbies, has developed its own abbreviations and commonly used terms. When beginning your Diamond Painting journey, these terms can be rather confusing. When I began what I now call my “craft addiction”, I had no idea what a DMC Code was, the difference between partial and full kits, …

A typewriter typing out "diamond painting dictionary"
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