Craftibly is a Diamond Painting store based out of Fort Worth, Texas, that was born out of a need that we couldn’t ignore. We had noticed that Diamond Painting was gaining traction, and we understood why.

What we didn’t understand, is why there weren’t any Diamond Painting stores in the USA yet. Ordering a new Diamond Painting was a slow process as any diamond paintings you could order were coming from China and could take up to months just to arrive.

This prompted us to open Craftibly, the first brick and mortar Diamond Painting store in the USA. We envisioned a place where everyone could come visit, get a new diamond painting, take a seat, and get started on it right there in the shop. A place that would have events and build a community for those who had fallen in love with Diamond Painting.

Michael Rasor

Michael likes ice cream diamond paintings

Jason Tamplin

Jason likes tiger diamond paintings

Rachel Tate
Craft Queen

Rachel likes grumpy cat diamond paintings

Adrian Scarborough
Craft Tech

Adrian likes turtle diamond paintings