Finding it difficult to tell the difference between two symbols on your diamond painting? Is the lighting creating shadows that make it difficult to see the grid clearly? Light pads are the perfect accessory for every diamond painter out there! I diamond paint at night after I put my daughter to bed to still my mind and clear my head. By that time the lights in the house are low and I don’t want to wake my husband or child. This amazing tool allows me to clearly see the grid clearly no matter what my lighting situation may be!

Grids Become Crystal Clear

Having a hard time seeing the grid with the naked eye? Are your symbols blurry or unclear? Glasses may not be needed with the use of a handy light pad. Illuminating light from underneath your diamond painting canvas will add more contrast to clarify images you are having a hard time focusing on.

I have experienced multiple diamond painting canvases where the symbols of two very similar colors were so close in design that I have to squint in order to tell the difference. For example, I was working on an image for my daughter’s room where two similar blues were given “8” and “S” as their symbols. I was having a hard time telling the two apart. Once I put my light pad underneath the section I was working on, the symbols became much clearer. This allowed me to work through each section quickly.

In the same area, the blue areas were dark enough in color that the grid lines became hard to see. If you have ever done a square drill diamond painting, you know how important it is to align the edges of your drills to the grid lines. Without those there would be gaps between the drills or they may sit crooked on the canvas. Having my light pad allowed me to see the lines to create something my daughter would be proud to show to her friends!

Light Pads at Night

Light Pads On Craft Desk Turned On

As I mentioned in the opening of this blog, diamond painting is my way to relax at the end of the day while all the lights are out. The question I was having at the beginning of my diamond painting adventure was, “How do I enjoy this at night without bothering the ones I love?” The person who first introduced me to my new craft addiction mentioned getting a light pad similar to the ones used to trace images accurately.

Light pads are lightweight, thin, have low energy consumption, and three LED light settings. Sectioning off the area I am working on to a size smaller than the pad makes using it simple and easy. The thickness is perfect for not bending the canvas, reducing the risk of drills popping off. The best feature of all is the three light settings. No matter what kind of room lighting you are working with or what color the canvas is, there is a light setting to help you see the details.

Each of the three light settings on a light pad has a great purpose. Use the lowest light setting allows for clear images in extremely low light settings. If you illuminate too much light under the canvas when you are surrounded by darkness, the contrast between the two can tire the eyes. When I work on a canvas at night in the bedroom while my husband is sleeping, I find it easiest to do so with low light. The highest light setting is great when you have lots of light around you causing glare on the canvas. High light will break through the glare to create a clear image.

So, why would you ever need the middle setting? Well, there is a simple answer to this. Sometimes you just need that little extra light under your canvas, even in perfect or just slightly dimmed light in order to see the symbols clearly. There are also diamond painters that have some eyesight issues where having the extra contrast is a must. The middle setting is probably the one I use the most. I have a craft room in my home that is my little sanctuary. I like to dim the lights, light a few candles, turn on my favorite music, and diamond paint to relax. The extra touch of light allows me to clearly see everything I need to at the end of the days, even when my eyes are tired.

Luxurious Light Pads

There are a number of light pads out there for multiple artistic uses. The A4 Light Pad we offer here at Craftibly is the most common and popular one used among the diamond painting community. The thin sized and multiple light settings provide clear illumination of every sparkly detail. If you are having issues distinguishing between symbols or if things still seem blurry while wearing magnifying glasses, grab a light pad. It makes all the difference. And remember to make each and every day Craftibly Yours!!!

Light pad on a table helping to light a diamond painting
October 10, 2019 — Amy Rasor


Sara Mariconda said:

Hi fellow arteests . When first starting DP I used a few ice cube trays that were collecting dust since the fridge spits out cubes now. I covered them with cling wrap ( the sticky kind) & found I could stack them that way with no problems. Sometimes $$ is just too tight to buy all the doo dads . I have been making my own frames as well from Amazon etc boxes that I cut up to size & cover with washi tape, contac paper scrap material & I was even gifted a “ macaroni Glitter“ frame from a wee one . ( Remember those?) The possibilities are endless & you can even use some of those left over drills to coordinate the frame with the picture. Hope these ideas help a bit if you are also on a tight budget right now . Cheers & happy painting 🎨

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