Craftibly is adding a new set of diamond paintings soon and we’re excited to announce some diamond painting improvements that are being made based off of feedback we’ve received! If you are looking for information about our new storefront opening you can also click here.

Better Legend Placement

Right Side Key Is Now Lower For Easier Reading While Diamond Painting

Tons of people mentioned this, so one of the diamond painting improvements we have made was to move the key to be lower on the right side! Now you can more easily read the key when working at different angles!


All of our previous diamond paintings had a limit of 30 colors on any given diamond painting, but this set is going to change that. There will now be more than 30 different colors on many diamond paintings. This change will apply to multiple diamond paintings that are being restocked as well!

This round of diamond paintings will be limited to 40 colors (or less) for now but in the future you should plan on seeing 60 colors or more on many of our kits! Plus more diamond painting improvements in the future!

We will now have renders on our product pages!


Coastal Shells 30×30 Round Drill Rendering

Again, you asked and we’re delivering! Product pages will now feature renders of how the diamond painting should look when completed!

Branded Wax Jar

Craftibly Wax Jar

While it’s not branded tweezers (might see them in the future) it is certainly nice to be able to provide wax in sealable jars with our logo! This is one of those diamond painting improvements that makes sure you will have a reusable item featuring yours truly next time you order a kit 😉

Branded tubes

New Craftibly Tubes With Branding

Of all the diamond painting improvements listed here today this one might be our favorite! Maybe not a big deal for many of you but we are pretty excited! Our new diamond painting tubes have been branded and resized to fit our now standardized DP sizes! Same stable sturdy tubes to keep diamond paintings safe but now decorated so you know who it’s from at first sight!

Celebrate Sunrise Inventory Sheet

Sticker Sheets with Symbols

Many of you have asked for symbols to be on the bags of drills. We love this idea but due to some difficulties with the factory we will be providing our inventory sheets on label paper so those wishing to put them on bags will be able. Large print and easy-to-read, they are great for a moveable color key or to cut out and add to a scrapbook record of your work too.

UPDATE 1/1/2021: Since the original posting of this article we have updated these sheets with even more diamond painting improvements, making them peelable pre-cut stickers so that folks aren’t having to fumble with the backing to get it off. They are still big but now you can just peel and stick!

Improved Plastic for Drill Bags

Hate the crinkle sound from the cheap Chinese cellophane used to bundle your drills and items? We do too. We will now be bundling everything together in nice pliable poly bags and tubing.

UPDATE 1/1/2021: Since the original posting of this article on diamond painting improvements, we have walked back a bit on this idea. We were hoping more people would be excited by the “quieter” plastic but most of you indicated that it didn’t really matter. The drills are all still pre-bagged but we will be leaving them grouped together in the regular plastic for now. Michael has a few ideas for some fun improvements in this area down the road.

July 03, 2020 — Michael Rasor
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