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We’ve Added 4 New Artists

Here at Craftibly, we have backgrounds in art and we feel strongly that artists should receive credit and payment for their work. We work directly with the artists and/or their agents to license all of the work we develop into diamond paintings. We are constantly looking for artists that create work that will translate into beautiful and fun diamond paintings. We are thrilled to partner with these new artists. Their styles add some new flavor to our selection of works that we hope fits the interests of even more diamond painters.

Jody Bergsma

Jody has a diverse painting style that has developed over many years and literally thousands of paintings. Her earliest works were charming children’s illustrations that she sold at Northwest art shows to pay for her education.

Jody’s watercolor technique is self-taught. Her engineering degree is reflected in her compositions and demonstrates Jody’s love of mathematics and geometry. She seamlessly blends these elements with her imaginative inner visions to create her unique style.

She is often asked about her use of aboriginal, native, and geometric symbols. Her ongoing studies introduced her to many ancient cultures and the beauty of their designs. By respectfully working with these images, Jody participates in the significance of our history and reintegrates their symbols into our modern culture.

“I propose that mankind shares a common reality, just beyond the range of normal sight. The images are emotions, those which are unseen but felt… unheard but known. There are moments when we have acute awareness of existence… like the feeling of exultation when one stands on the edge of a mountain, or the top of a crescent moon. Each man’s physical adventure is unique, but the abstract language of feelings, and our realization of existence is our shared experience. My paintings are part of my personal adventure. Memory simplifies the setting. I no longer see the mountains edge, but I do see the feelings it stirred.

Art is a tradition that helps define who we are and brings us a vision of who we can become. My painting is my expression and request for a more beautiful, peaceful and harmonious world.”

Our 6 new Jody Bergsma diamond paintings are:

Frogs and Kisses

Kindred Spirits

The Light After the Storm

Magic Happens

Ride Your Dreams

In Spirit I Am Free

Mark Daehlin

“I am interested in the way art conveys different states of consciousness to the viewer. I consider it the artist’s responsibility to portray their highest self. Art is a portal through which the viewer takes an internal journey into consciousness and growth. My wish is that these paintings allow all who see them to transport them to a place of peace and renewal, where dreams and inner visions can heal and enlighten.”

Mark studied studio art at Concordia College Moorhead, Pacific Lutheran University, University of Minnesota, the Atelier in Minneapolis and Minnesota River School of Fine Arts. Studied Plein Air painting under Minnesota artists Richard Kochenash and Brian Stewart. Personal studies into all aspects of art making are intensive, ongoing and lifelong. The journey never ends.

Our 7 new diamond paintings kits of Mark Daehlin’s work are:

Johnsons Mill 28″x20″ round
Nestled Cottage 18″x24″ round
Awakening at Dawn – 20″x28″ round
Pumpkins 4 Sale 36″x18″ round
Autumn Gold – 32″x24″ square
Lake Cabin – 32″x24″ square
Summer Haven 48″x24″ round

Dennis Lewan

Dennis Patrick Lewan was born in 1948 and was raised near the small town of Thorp, Wisconsin. He studied architecture and design just outside of Chicago, Illinois. His creative abilities initially led him to a career in music, composing and performing in a rock band on two continents. Eventually they were under contract to Hugh Heffner and his Playboy Clubs. His performances entertained many famous celebrities including Frank Sinatra.

While Dennis Lewan is largely self-taught, he has been under the tutelage of other professional artists and teachers. He has traveled extensively and visited many museums to study the Old Master paintings, realizing that “to paint like the masters, one must learn from the masters.” He works with the aid of an extensive collection of references that he has accumulated over twenty years. This allows him to recreate Holland, Belgium and other areas of Europe and America.

His art reflects the nostalgic lifestyle of the 18th and 19th centuries with colorful, realistic and gem-like precision. His most popular subjects include English manor houses, cottages and village streets, scenes of Dutch cities and quaint neighborhoods, flower gardens and windmills of rural Holland-Belgium and harbors from all over the world. Dennis Lewan wishes to provide the viewer with a glimpse into centuries past acquainting them with its beauty and serenity, executing the brilliant color-play and back lighting of the Masters. His paintings are traditional and representational, with warmth, romanticism and tranquility.

Our 6 new diamond painting kits of Dennis Lewan’s work are:

Coastal Flight – 28″x20″ round
Down on the Farm – 28″x20″ square
Inverarav Castle 32″x24″ square
Angel Falls 32″x24″ square
Captain’s Cove 32″x24″ round
Tuscan Serenade 28″x20″ square

David Rottinghaus

The slow roll of the Midwest farm country has always captured the heart of David Rottinghaus. As a young boy growing up on a farm in North Iowa, he explored the hollows, creeks and thickets that meandered along corn stubbled fields and behind barns. He scouted wild game filled groves, enjoying the natural beauty of nature. In school, David daydreamed of farming and hunting while study halls would find him sketching portraits of his classmates.

David didn’t see art as a career choice until ten years after he graduated from high school. With encouragement from his family and friends, David attended Minnesota Technical College where he received a Commercial Art Degree. In 1994, David founded Royalhaus Publishing, a private corporation that allows him to publish his own art.

Within 6 months of his first publishing, “US Art” Magazine, picked him as one of the nation’s top “Artist To Watch”, stating “the most appealing aspect of David’s work is the way he weaves in human elements and themes, adding emotion to his work.” David has placed in the finals of the Federal Duck Stamp Competition, as well as, the Minnesota Duck, Pheasant and Trout design contest. He has been recognized as a featured artist of the “Heritage Art Show” in Minneapolis.

Over the past few years, David has supported many non-profit organizations by donating limited edition prints for fund raising purposes. Hospice of North Iowa has raised thousands of dollars with David’s “Young Entrepreneur Series”. Other organizations that have benefited are Duck’s Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, Pioneer Public Television of Minnesota, Newman Catholic Schools and the Girl Scouts of North Iowa. Also, David has helped many families with children battling terminal illnesses. In 2000 and 2001 David has raised funds for these families and organizations totaling over $40,000 much of that was direct cash donations from sales of limited-edition prints.

As David continues with his inspirations, his followers continue to grow. The farms David paints along with the stories those paintings tell, continue to magnetize many collectors. His collectors have also been drawn to his “Young Entrepreneur Series” as well as his Christmas series. His original artwork has been displayed at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics, and the Agricultural Hall of Fame in Kansas, and in more than 40 public and private collections.

In 1998 David returned to Nora Springs, Iowa and continues to paint from his studio on a 40-acre farm where he lives with his wife, Cheryl and their 3 children.

Our 4 new diamond painting kits of David Rottinghaus’ work are:

Monday Morning 56″x24″ round
Autumn’s Golden Moments 56″x24″ round
Summer Storm 48″x24″ round
Fourth of July 32″x24″ square

More Works from 4 Artists we LOVE

We have been blessed to work with some artists that have works that are super popular. We recognize the opportunity to showcase even more of their work and are very excited about continuing our relationships with them. We know many of you are too!

Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Y’all are nuts for JBG and so are we! (Rhymes are fun!) We have been so excited to see how well the other works have done and had to have more!!!

Darling Dragonling 4

Faces of Faery 177

The Language of Flowers 5

Captive Fairy

Darling Dragonling 5

Sara Burrier

We love Sara’s work. It is so dreamy, imaginative, and ethereal. We’ve been looking for some gorgeous women of color to add to our collection and found hers to be stunning. We hope you think so too.

Here are the new kits we’ll be offering from Sara Burrier.

Shine – 24″x32″ Round
Midnight Warrior – 20″x28″ Round
Hide and Seek – 24″x32″ Round
Be Brave – 28″x20″ Square

Alena Lazareva

Aleana Lazareva’s work is stunning. She is so skilled at creating works of some of the most breathtaking and sexy women. Am I right?! We are adding 2 more of hers to our lineup.

Victorian Lady 20″ x 28″ Round
1001 Nights 28″ x 20″ Round

Sheena Pike

We adore Sheena Pike! Cat Crazy Chloe is our all-time best seller! Sheena is doing 2 new EXCLUSIVE pieces for us! Chloe is getting sisters! Puppy Crazed Petunia and Bunny Loving Bethany are adorable and we are so excited to have them join the family!

Bunny Loving Bethany 18″ x 24″ Square and Round
Puppy Crazed Petunia 18″ x 24″ Square and Round
Java Joanna 18″ x 24″ Round
Gracie the Gardener 18″ x 24″ Square
Magenta Warrior 20″ x 28″ Round

We are Reordering Some Former Faves

Carol Cavalaris Rainbow Tree 28 x 20″ Round
Carol Cavalaris Wild Generations 20 x 20″ Round
Daniel Rodgers Christmas Truck 28 x 20″ Round AND Square
Jim Mitchell Cottage White 20 x 20″ Round
Karla Gerard Church Cat 18 x 24″ Square
Karla Gerard Coral Sky 18 x 24″ Square
Marcia Baldwin Breaking Dawn Indian Warhorse 32 x 24″ Round
Melinda Hipsher Bluebird in a Daisy Meadow 12 x 16″ Round

Martin Nasim Craby 12 x 16″ Round
Martin Nasim Split 12 x 16″ Round
Michael Rasor White Tiger 24 x 18″ Square
Michael Rasor Northern Timberwolf 16 x 24″ Square
Shutterstock Chroma Flower 12 x 12″ Square
Shutterstock Coastal Shells 12 x 12″ Square
Sheena Pike Cat Crazy Chloe 18 x 24″ Round AND Square

We are Adding Purple Plastic Craftibly Branded Telescoping Art Tubes for our Kits!

Our tubes have always been something our customers have raved about. They are sturdy and cute. Well, they are also expensive. So, we decided to take that cost and apply it to something that people could easily carry AND keep to create less trash and give you all something you can reuse for current or future projects. New kits will come in these tubes and they telescope to fit most of our kit sizes. We hope you love them. We sure do!

We’ve Made Some Improvements to Shipping!

We know, shipping is a pain. It is for us too. We are working hard to build relationships with service providers to get lower rates to pass on to you. Stick with us, we’ll keep making improvements and updates.

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