Is diamond painting fun for the whole family and a great activity to do together? Yes! Yes! Yes! But, here are a few things that are helpful to know…

Diamond Painting With Kids

family diamond painting together

My daughters are 8 and 10 years old and they LOVE diamond painting with the whole family. When I get mine out to work on, they race to their rooms to get theirs and we are all set for a few hours of quality family time!

The most important thing to keep in mind when diamond painting with kids is to only do one color at a time. In fact, I have to do it that way myself! It is easy to get confused about what color you have out and what symbol it matches up to on the canvas. It is best for kids (and some adults like me!) to just work on one color at a time.

Have them look on the canvas to decide on a color code they want to fill in. Then find the bag of drills (beads) that match that color code and pour some into the tray. Not too many! It is best to start with about a half teaspoon. Give the tray a gentle shake to get the diamond drills to lie flat. Then put a little wax on the end of the pen and show them how to pick up a diamond.

Make a game out of it to find all of the symbols matching that diamond color. Similar to Where’s Waldo or Hidden Object searches, let them find all of that particular symbol to fill them in. Then put any unused diamonds back in the color bag it came from and move on to the next color.

Kids will catch on in no time and are sure to enjoy watching the image come to life as they start filling in the diamonds. Mine sure do!

Diamond Painting with Siblings

My family has done puzzles together for as long as I can remember. It’s a great way to sit and talk, while also enjoying creating something together. I couldn’t wait to show my sister my diamond painting. I got it out to show my sister and she wanted to give it a try. My diamond painting is fairly large, so there is plenty of room for different people to work on different sections. We sat together working on different parts of the image and she commented: “If we had some drinks, we could be here for hours!” We enjoyed spending the time together relaxing and enjoying the process.

Diamond Painting with Older Family Members

Mother and daughter diamond painting

I used to spend hours working puzzles with my grandma. It was a great way to spend time with her without it being awkward trying to think of what to talk about or to field embarrassing and probing questions about school or boys. She is gone now, but I would have loved diamond painting with her.

Accommodating the person working in the diamond painting is important for all ages. I showed my mother-in-law how to do it yesterday and noticed she would definitely benefit from a light pad underneath the diamond painting to help the symbols to be more legible.

She would also do a lot better with a magnifying glass on a stand placed over the area where she is working. She was definitely struggling to see and place the diamonds and both of those items would definitely increase her confidence and speed. All these accessories come in handy when diamond painting with the whole family. A padded chair with support for your back is also important if you’re planning to be there for a while!

Round or Square Diamond Drills for Family Projects?

Using round or square diamond drills is definitely a personal preference. There are a lot of people that feel the look of the diamond painting is more polished when using the square drills. I don’t disagree. However, when working with beginners or people who may already be faced with some difficulty with vision or a steady hand, round drills are an easier place to start.

The round drills are far more forgiving when it comes to placement because it isn’t as hard to line them up perfectly with the edge of the drill beside it or to make sure it is aligned squarely in the corresponding spot so it won’t interfere with adjacent drills placed later. When diamond painting with the whole family take into consideration the skill level of your loved ones.

Are you ready to do a diamond painting with the whole family?

Why not grab an image that everyone will enjoy and give it a try! Choose a size that is large enough for everyone to work on their own spot. I wouldn’t try more than 4 people at a time – 1 for each side. Make sure there is plenty of light since multiple people leaning over a single piece will cast shadows.

If you are planning on diamond painting with the whole family, you can also grab several smaller ones and each person work on their own and each person can show the group their progress.

You could even make it a game of musical chairs and have several set out and rotate to different seats – maybe for the duration if each different song on your family playlist.

The possibilities are endless and you can use your imagination to find new and exciting ideas to make it fun for your family. Share with us on our Facebook Group all the family fun you create! Who knows, you may have even stumbled on to a new family tradition or holiday activity!

Happy Crafting!

September 28, 2019 — Amy Rasor

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