It’s always been our plan to have Craftibly be the first diamond painting store in America, but up until now we’ve had our products set up in a corner of our other retail business while we’ve tried to nail down a physical location to give Craftibly a home (COVID didn’t help).

We’re excited to say, it’s finally happening!

What will having a diamond painting store mean?

So many great things! We’ve gotten several calls over the last few weeks asking where we are located, and our being placed in another business has led to some confusion. Now we’ll have our own store with it’s own sign and everything! We’ll also have a lot more room to prepare, store, and ship diamond paintings out of which will make things much faster and easier. Until now, we’ve actually been keeping the majority of our products safe in a climate controlled storage but now we’ll have access to everything in one place!

What’s the new location for the Craftibly diamond painting store?

The new Craftibly diamond painting store is going to be located at 6918 Camp Bowie Blvd., Fort Worth, Texas, 76116
We will be located immediately next to Kintaro Fort Worth in a shopping center anchored by Goodwill Camp Bowie!

You can find contact info for the new store at our contact page!

When will the store be ready?

We expect to have the new Craftibly diamond painting store open for business by July 28th, 2020!

What are the hours for the new location?

We will start off being open Monday-Friday from 11:00AM-6:00PM!

What’s next for Craftibly?

We just got word that our latest additions are on the way, view them here. In addition, we have been busy adding many new features to our kits. While for the near foreseeable future we will be busy with orders, licensing artists, and getting new diamond painting designs ordered, the next step for the business will most likely be organizing and hosting diamond painting events where people from the DFW area can gather to diamond paint in a comfortable, friendly environment.

Stay tuned!



Grand Opening

July 02, 2020 — Michael Rasor
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