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This post is outdated now that international shipping has been reopened.

We are sad to share that we will be suspending international shipping other than to Canada. This will take effect 12:00 PM CST on Monday April 26th.

This is not a decision we are happy about or take lightly and we know this will be frustrating for many.

For over a year we have tried very hard to find a way to make this work affordably and reasonably for our international friends. So far we have been upside down on shipping international orders and in many cases our customers are being charged even more on their end to receive the packages.

We have met many times with all shipping providers, and have been unable to arrive at a cost effective solution. Through this process we have discovered additional issues with international shipping such as customs, duties, fees, taxes, thresholds, inconsistent practices of foreign governments, shipping fulfillment software incompatibilities, currency conversion issues, and the list goes on.

We know you are disappointed, and we are too. We’ve greatly appreciated all the love, praise, and feedback from our international customers, and it makes this decision that much harder. Suspending does mean pausing for now, but rest assured we are working to find a solution that will allow us to service international customers again.

What about my pre-order?

All pre-orders and other currently international orders will be honored and shipped, we absolutely are not going to cancel anyone’s order (unless you request it).

Why don’t you just charge all shipping and have the customer be responsible for all customs and duties?

Initially, that is how we set everything up. Unfortunately, costs continued to rise for us, and for our customers. There were many hidden and unexpected fees, that we were not able to predict and that surprised customers. We also found that packages were not delivered, delivered damaged, or returned to us far more frequently than we had expected.

How are other companies able to do this without surprise charges?
  1. Other companies have larger volumes of shipments that allow them better rates with shipping providers. The more you ship, the more they discount your shipping costs. As we grow we expect our shipping rates to improve, but we aren’t there yet.
  2. In our research we discovered workarounds that other companies may use to avoid surprise fees and costs, however, our meetings with shipping carriers led us to discover that most of these workarounds are considered mail fraud. We were advised heavily against using any of these workarounds.
  3. The volume other companies fulfill may allow them to hire and work with logistics consultants or shipping professionals.
When will international shipping be back?

For our company, providing excellent customer service, operating ethically, and giving customers an enjoyable experience is top priority. We want to make sure we can do this for every customer international or not.

For now due to shipping options Canada is still viable, we are working on being able to add additional countries as we resolve the logistics issues associated with them.

We are not done working on this, because we truly believe in and are excited about the opportunity to provide our products to our customers worldwide. We need the time to figure out how to do it right. We may be a small family owned business but we won’t stop until we are able to bring Craftibly to every corner of the world!

What if I REALLY need diamond paintings from you?

There may, in certain cases, be ways we can work things out on a case by case basis if you have a solution unique to your country and understand the charges and shipping costs associated with getting the product to you. For example, if a group of friends were to get together to place one large order and then distribute them to each other. In this situation you could contact us using the contact form on our website.  

April 23, 2021 — Adrian Scarborough
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Julie lloyd said:

I would love to purchase from you the JBG images, but unfortunately your shipping rates are beyond my budget being in the UK. I sincerely hope these will become lower soon. Continue the brilliant work.

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