So just caught up on emails and messages and we're a bit past overdue for a more full-bodied update so here it is!

First off, have you ever wondered how long it would take to sell through 4,000 basic drill scoops?

The answer is three years, five months, and one "we're trying not to go out of business" sale!

It was weird seeing this tub finally get empty, this is one of the first products we ordered from when we first started all of this and were just operating out of a storage unit and a corner of another business.

Just a neat little thing to think about.

We finally finished the orders from the 9th about halfway through yesterday and proceeded to move onto the 10th and we'll be working forward by date through the remaining ~180 orders!

NOW you may see that you had ordered on the 9th and your order has not been fulfilled and be wondering "wait what's going on?"
There's a few scenarios that could be holding up part of or all of your order:

1. Your order had a lot of drills. In the third photo you can see our drills (and about 40% of them are actually in another room not pictured) and I (Adrian, hi) have absolutely no idea which ones are where and each bag of drills has to be individually hand-bagged so it would take me a very very long time not having familiarity to fulfill orders with 40-150 different drill colors 😅.

However- Michaels father is the one who placed all of those and has been handling a lot of the stuff with drills, so he has been taking care of gathering the drills for these orders and we'll be having volunteers on Saturday help blow through those (they did way better with it than I can last time they were here) so those are being worked on concurrently!

2. Your order had a kit on it that we were short of by a significant enough amount such as Angel Of Starlight or Kirin And Bakeneko that we went ahead and got more coming in an emergency express shipment that should be here in a few weeks. If your order contained several other items, we shipped the rest of it and will get that out as soon as they arrive. If you are one of these people whose order is being held up by one of those and would like to cancel feel free to email or message us, we know waiting on it to be ordered was not part of the deal and you've already been waiting a while.

As shown in the last photo, the shelves are getting eerily bare as we are running out of more and more kits while shipping, and unfortunately, as it turns out, selling out of all of your inventory will bring up every single little issue in your inventory counts! Who'da thunk? I had to send out way more emails yesterday letting people know we didn't have something they had ordered and that I had to refund them than I would ever want to and it felt really terrible. That's probably my least favorite thing to contact people about ever.

If you received one of those emails, I apologize again, and if you didn't receive one of those emails but received a mysterious refund there's a good chance it could have gone to your spam. 😕

There is one thing I did not send out emails about that we realized we were VERY short on previously, and that was Craft Storage Sticker Label packs. We had originally had thousands of these in the system and thinking we would virtually never run out, we didn't bother to count through the massive quantity of sheets of them at nearly any point, and then when people started ordering 100-150 packs of them we realized there was a problem. We managed to cut off the inventory but not before overselling about 80 of them across a lot of orders.

I apologize if you were one of the people I refunded those, and I'm sorry I didn't reach out, it just takes quite a bit of time to reach out to that many different people with something like that and and I've been keep as much focus as possible on trying to get out orders to people who have been waiting for over a month now (including yours)

Thanks again to everyone for your patience and understanding, and now I'm going to get back out into the warehouse and get a good sweat going!


March 15, 2023 — Adrian Scarborough

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