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Round Vs Square Drills

Considering purchasing your first Diamond Painting but not sure which drill shape is right for you? Wanting to know the advantages of round vs square drills? The great news is you will not make a bad choice. Round and Square drills both create beautiful works of art, though each has different benefits. When choosing the shape that is right for you take into consideration your skill level, desired shine effect, and time you have to complete your project.

Hold up, before we begin comparing round vs square drills – Are you asking yourself “What the heck is a diamond drill?”. Those are the tiny beads used for diamond painting. Drills and other common terms are covered in our – Diamond Painting Glossary.

Both round and square drills are covered with geometrical facets that create sparkle when reflecting light. Many beginners start off with round drills because they are quicker to place and a little more forgiving on placement. Still, the preferred drills by diamond painters everywhere are the squares. I know you might be a little overwhelmed yet excited to get started on a new craft, so this quick read will help you decide what shape drill is best for you.

Round Drills Sparkle

One of the reasons Round Drills are recommended and preferred by beginners is because they are easier to pick up with the diamond pen and faster to place when finishing a canvas. They are slightly larger than their square cousins and you can cover more area in less time. Round drills also create more sparkle due to containing more facets on the surface (more surface area). The sparkle resembles that of glitter (same for round and square).

Since round drills have no corners, visible gaps exist between them, but this also means they are more forgiving when placing in the designated area. The gaps present are not visible when viewing at a distance, however, many feel that it is more important to seal these Diamond Paintings to prevent dust and other debris from sticking the exposed adhesive after finishing the canvas. You can browse our round diamond drills here. Spoiler alert – as of 1/1/2021 we don’t sell drills yet.

Square Drills Shine

Square drills are the preferred drill shape by more experienced diamond painters. Squares fit together neatly with no gaps and create a fuller and more complete looking image while maintaining a glossy shine. Being smaller than their round cousins, you can fit more of them into a smaller area increasing the ‘resolution’ of the image. This can make them a tiny bit harder for those who find diamond painting drills small to work with. Maybe someone older or who might have shaky hands.

One of the features most talked about when it comes to square drills is the famous “snap” sound they make when filling in gaps. Many find this satisfying and compare it to the sound of popping bubble wrap.

The mosaic look square drills make creates a beautiful image from a distance. The sharp line and lack of gaps make square diamond paintings both artistically amazing to view and easy to maintain. Many beginners do not choose squares due to requiring some skill while others like to take on a challenge. That said, don’t be nervous to try them. At the end of the day, this is a relaxing hobby. Squares are totally doable by anyone. You can browse our square diamond drills here. Spoiler alert – as of 1/1/2021 we don’t sell drills yet.

Round Vs Square Drills? Which Should I Choose?

The good news is there is not a bad choice in the battle of round vs square drills. It’s personal preference. If you are looking to try out Diamond Painting for the first time and want an easy project that is relaxing, uncomplicated, and don’t mind the gaps choose the Super Sparkly Round Drills. If you are more experienced, have done multiple types of crafts, or want to start with a little more of a challenge, choose the Glossy Mosaic Square Drills. But really, when we say challenge it’s mainly a challenge because you’ll want to make sure to keep a straight line. This is pretty low on the bar of challenges.

Both types of drills beautifully reflect light and create Diamond Painting Art that you will want to show off to all your family and friends. Many diamond painters like to do both and really anyone can do either. That said, you will find people who swear one or the other is better. These people are crazy but we love them anyway.

Oh, also, square is best. – Michael
(see what I did there)

Closeup of round and square diamond drills
September 19, 2019 — Amy Rasor
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