Looking for a way to organize all the tiny diamond drills that come with each and every diamond painting kit? We have you covered!!! From drill storage containers you can purchase to storage hacks using common household items, this article will get you organized in a flash. No matter what type of storage or organization you choose, always remember that labeling is key to keeping track of drill colors.

What Diamond Drill Storage Options Can I Purchase?

Finding a diamond drill storage unit popular in the diamond painting community is easy, but understanding the features and benefits are a little more difficult. You will find different shaped containers, different types of cases, as well as special pockets to hold other accessories. Here are a link to the diamond painter storage options that Craftibly carries.

The Crafter Hard Cover and Soft Cover Storage Totes share some very similar features including the foam bracket designed to hold cylindrical plastic storage jars. Both have jars included, comfortable handles for diamond painting on the go, storage pockets for accessories and an elegant zipper design made of durable nylon cloth. The main difference between the two is the number of containers it can hold and the material on the outside.

Diamond Drill Storage Soft Cover Crafter Case Blue

The Hard Cover Tote features a hard outer shell and can hold up to 132 jars due to an internal stacking option. The Hard Cover also includes a zippered internal pocket to hold any accessories you may want to keep close to your drills.

The Soft Cover Tote features a durable, yet soft, outer shell and can hold up to 60 jars. Inside the tote is a mesh-style pouch to hold your accessories. There is also a version that comes with a tool bundle. Both can hold a large number of jars perfect for any diamond painting project. Having a portable compact case that carries everything you will need is always a key when diamond painting on the go.

There are two additional plastic diamond drill storage containers widely used by diamond painters. The first is a Tic-Tac Style Plastic Drill Container which contains 64 flip top storage units that resemble a Tic-Tac Box. The plastic case these come in have a secure snap-close lid and a plastic handle. The style of these storage units makes it easy to pour into a smaller drill tray and allows for more precise pouring amounts.

The Basic Plastic Drill Organizer comes in two different sizes. One contains 28 grid while the other holds 56. These grids are made up of a series of 4 connected diamond grids. Each of these grids as well as the case seal with snap latches that are sturdy and easy to use.

I use the grid-style containers because I primarily diamond paint at home and do not need to carry my tools or diamond drills with me. They are easy to store and keep me very organized. However, Rachel uses the Soft Cover Tote. She is an insanely skilled diamond painter who works on projects both at home and on the go. She prefers that each storage unit is separate and not connected. She also enjoys that the case is easy to carry with her when she needs to. All these storage options have their advantages. Pick the one that speaks to the crafter in you.

Household Diamond Drill Storage Hacks

There are multiple diamond painting drill storage hacks that can be made with simple household items as well as the plastic bags that come with every Craftibly Diamond Painting Kit. These can be created from the comfort of your own home until you are ready or able to purchase a storage container. It is completely possible you are going to be able to create a storage solution at home that is perfect for all your needs.

One of my favorite at-home storage hacks I have seen beginners use is known as the “Dry Cleaning ” storage hanger. What you will need to make one of these is large safety pins commonly used to hold fabric together, a clothing hanger that is not too thick, and the plastic bags that come with Diamond Painting Kits.

You will also need either a permanent marker or label stickers and a pen. You hang the safety pin around the bottom of the hanger and then insert the pin into the top of the baggie before the seal line. This is used to hang the drills along the hanger and makes it easy to look through them for the color you need. The permanent marker or label stickers are used to label them with the DMC Color Code associated with each diamond drill color. Easy and cheap to make yet keeps organization and sorting easy and simple.

Diamond Drill Storage Household Hacks

Another innovative drill storage hack utilizes a K-Cup Spinner/Organizer and those little plastic containers used to hold condiments. This will hold a large number of drills in each container, which appeals to those working on really large diamond paintings. You can label each one of the plastic containers with a permanent marker or sticker label just like the “Dry Cleaning” hack mentioned above. Simply place each of the plastic containers into the K-Cup slot and you are ready to go.

There are a number of other hacks for diamond painting storage. Some use small Tupperware containers, pill organizers, or get as creative as using a cleaned egg carton. Hacks are great because it utilizes items around the house that are otherwise not being used. One of the best parts of becoming a crafter is creating the things you need to stay organized.

Labeling My Storage Containers

Why is labeling your storage units so important you may ask? Well, there is a simple answer to that. Each diamond painting kit comes with numerous different colored drills, but some of those colors look very similar to each other. Labeling each container makes it easy to pick the right DMC colored drill when working on your project. When working in sections, as most diamond painters do, you find yourself going back and forth between colors. Locating the right DMC number is so much easier than trying to match the diamond drill color or remembering which color belongs to which symbol. After all, there are 447 DMC diamond drill colors and that makes it easy to confuse colors, especially when the difference between colors can be very subtle.

Labeling can be done in many different ways. One popular way is with label stickers that allow you to write on them. These stickers are available here at Craftibly. The plus of using stickers is that they can be removed and replaced very easily. Labeling with a permanent marker is also a popular way to label containers. The plus to this is it is simple, and you probably will not need to purchase anything. The downfall to this is removing the marker can be difficult after you finish a project.

Life Hack: There is a little known secret that many women are not aware of, traditional hairspray actually dissolves permanent marker making it easier to remove from most surfaces. I learned this after my daughter colored my coffee table with a black sharpie.

Which Option Is Right For Me?

Finding the right storage option for you is a matter of preference. Some find storage containers you can purchase to be the easiest and best choice for them while others like the challenge of creating one of their own. Whether you decide to get one of the diamond painting storage options we offer or make your own, always make sure to stay organized while creating your masterpiece. If you have any questions and for more information reach out to us through our Facebook Group. And remember to make every day Craftibly Yours!!!

Drill Storage containers for diamond painting on a table
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