Craftibly diamond painting boxes stacked on racks

Disclaimers about the tubes

1. Yes, your pre-order will still come in tubes

First off I want to be clear, if you have an order with us this will not affect your order at all!

2. We know some people don't want any more tubes

If you happen to be a person who does NOT want your kits in tubes, read the 📦second📦 part of this post!⁠

Craftibly is transitioning to boxes⁠ August 10th

Three craftibly diamond paintings inside of boxes

AUGUST 10th will be the last day your order (or pre-order) will come with a free tube included. All orders (and pre-orders) placed prior to August 10th 11:59pm CST will still come in one of our telescoping storage tubes. Please let folks know as we have a lot of people who don't see our posts. We will send emails and make weekly posts about it.

After August 10th tubes will be offered as a separate add-on and will depend on stock availability. Pricing is is still being worked out as we are hoping to sell them regular price by themselves and at a discount with the purchase of a kit. Running into some problems getting this setup but right now it is the plan.

I know some people will be sad but we've offered them for free as long as possible. The costs continue to rise and several people have too many tubes already! Amy and I are super excited to have proper box packaging as this will enable us to sell our kits in other locations, avoid raising prices, and still let those wanting tubes get them. I'm hoping for more colors in the future too!

📦Don't want tubes at all?📦⁠

If you are one of the people who already has too many tubes/want to save on waste, send us a message us on Facebook or on our website using the chat feature in the bottom right with the order number (or order numbers) of the orders you would like to switch from tubes to boxes. If you can also let us know the email address you placed your order under this would help as well!⁠

We're in a bit of a tight spot right now in regards to shipping, tubes, and everything else going on with this order so if you have us send your kits in boxes instead of tubes we'll issue you a $5 store credit per kit as a small thank you. Note that this is less than we will be selling them for in the future, so if you're going to end up wanting tubes we don't recommend doing this, this is really just for people who could do without anyway!⁠

July 27, 2022 — Adrian Scarborough

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