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MaxLuster 5D Diamond Drills

America's first Diamond Painting store is coming soon! Craftibly's Diamond Paintings are top notch featuring poured glue adhesive, MaxLuster diamond drills, easy to follow directions and everything you need to get started! We make it fun and easy to try this amazing craft.

What are they?

Diamond Drills are the small diamond-like beads that create sparkle and shine across a Diamond Painting. These drills are flat on the bottom to sit firmly on the canvas adhesive. Our MaxLuster 5D Drills have 80% more luster due to an increased number of facets, or cuts, on the top of the drill.  

How do I use them?

Diamond Drills are easy to place on your canvas with the use of a few small tools. Straighten and flip your drills in a diamond tray first. Then take a diamond pen with wax inside the tip to pick up from the tray and place on the canvas. You will see the image come more to life with each drill addition. 

Different Types of Diamond Drills

There are two shapes of our MaxLuster Diamond Drills to choose from. Beginners tend to start with Round Drills because they are a little more forgiving on placement. Our round drills have up to 26 facets per drill. Compared to the 15 of traditional 3D drills, this will display all the luster other diamond paintings have been missing. 

Square diamond drills are more popular inside the diamond painting community. Some say the lack of space between each drill is the reason while others say it creates a more complete image. Our square drills contain up to 15 facets compared to the nine found in most 3D diamond painting kits. This creates a full coverage image that shines as bright as you do. For more information about the difference between Round and Square drills check out our Round vs. Square Blog Post. 


Features of Our MaxLuster Diamond Drills

POPular diamond Drill PRoducts

Explore the many categories we offer here at Craftibly. Are you looking for a traditional diamond painting kit in partial or full, want to create your own jewelry, or want to see what accessories may help you complete your project? Take a look to find all that we have to offer.

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