Alice and Snow White

by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

USD $64.99

Alice and Snow White is coming in the 4.0 kits and square with 73 bold gems and Ab drills! Looks absolutely amazing!


This isn’t quite the fairy tale you remember as a child!  In this painting by JBG, Alice and Snow are grown up and embarking on life’s adventures.

Alice sits with her cat and  plate full of mushrooms enticing Snow to try some…Snow has a lap full of pumpkins and of course is accompanied by her woodland creature friends. Both girls are wearing their traditional fairytale attire but, with a modern twist.

All 4.0 Kits come complete with a soft purple burlap tie string bag, 2 pots of red wax, Mosfa tray, pad of wax, solid pointy tweezers, glitter pen with multiplacers and single drill tip with purple squishy, 2 rolls of Washi tape and a random cover minder.




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Alice and Snow White
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