Amara and the Book

by Jasmine Becket-Griffith


Arrival of this new kit may take awhile. Quantities are limited. We expect production to take 3-4 weeks plus 45 days to arrive by boat. We weren’t sure about another long pre-order but it will be smaller than our previous one which should help. We would love feedback on this. The advantage for us is that the funds help make us make larger orders. The disadvantage is the wait but ordering early does guarantee your spot.

Renders and color counts will be added as available.

Come and relax with this Island Beauty. Amara sits on the edge of her own island with her tiki torch lanterns that glow in the reflection of her eyes as she relaxes and reads. Adorned in native island wear and large flowers in her hair and in her hand. This bronzed beauty is stunning.

Earn up to 275 Diamonds.
Amara And The Book 20x28 1
Amara and the Book
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