Butterfly Collector Brielle

by Sheena Pike
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Now coming to 4.0! Here she is! Beautiful Butterfly Brielle!!!!

Meet another of Chloe’s sisters, Brielle!  She’s bold, bright and surrounded by butterflies! If you love butterflies or, bright bold colors, this is the painting for you!!!

Brielle comes to us with a hot pink up do, bright pink frames on her glasses with butterflies on the side and one in the middle with of course, lavender eyes. Her outfit is bright purple with butterflies on the right side and her buttons are small white butterflies complete with a large flower pinned at the waist. Her hair is an up do with small tendrils in the front. She has flowers, butterflies and a large double butterfly hair pin in front.

All 4.0 Kits come complete with a soft purple burlap tie string bag, 2 pots of red wax, Mosfa tray, pad of wax, solid pointy tweezers, glitter pen with multi placers and single drill tip with purple squishy, 2 rolls of Washi tape and a random cover minder.

Earn up to 225 Diamonds.
Spike Butterfly Collector Brielle 18x24 1
Butterfly Collector Brielle
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