Holiday Tree Farm (White Tube)

by Daniel Rodgers
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Reminiscent of the great holiday joy of picking out your own Christmas Tree. This wintery scene at the tree farm is complete with a snowman, holiday wreaths, large sparkling snowflakes and multiple spruce trees to choose from. You can feel the warmth of holiday memories as the Christmas holiday begins! This painting has 52 colors and includes AB drills.

Kit comes complete with 52 colors, Includes ABs, is Pre-Kitted in Ziplock Bags, Soft Backed Canvas, 20ft of Washi Tape, Mosfa Drill Tray, Glitter Infused Drill Pen, Wax, Inventory Sheet with Peel Off Label Stickers and a Sturdy Tube.

Earn up to 227 Diamonds.
Holiday Tree Farm
Holiday Tree Farm (White Tube)
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