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Diamond Painting Kits

America's first Diamond Painting store is coming soon! Craftibly's Diamond Paintings are top notch featuring poured glue adhesive, MaxLuster diamonds, easy to follow directions and everything you need to get started! Our Diamond Painting Kits allow anyone to make a beautiful work of art.

Why is it Called Diamond Painting?

Because DIY Diamond Painting Cross Stitch Kits and PixelHobby Diamond Embroidery Kits were too long and Diamond Dotz sounds like something you'd eat. It has many other names around the world but is known as Diamond Painting here in America. Thousands of crafters everywhere are getting to experience the newest addition to DIY stress relief.

Basically, Diamond Painting Kits are like cross-stitch and paint by numbers with a touch of embroidery thrown in for fun! They allow you to take existing art work and create a quality piece that's all your own. You'll find it a super relaxing hobby with all kinds of unique designs. Mosaic, square, Christmas, Animals, Nature, you name it!

With the image printed on a white canvas, you cover it with tiny resin diamonds. So it is like painting an artwork using diamonds but you're the artist! It's really life changing.

What is a Diamond Painting Kit?

A 5D Diamond Painting Kit is a like any other diamond painting kit except for one detail. The 5D refers to the Diamonds themselves (called drills) having more facets than normal diamonds. More diamonds mean more sparkle! So really the kit itself isn't 5D but the diamonds are.

All of our kits come with MaxLuster 5D Diamond Drills so you never need to worry about having the best quality and the most sparkle. The results will speak for themselves. Just get a design you like before too long. Next time you order it could be on sale (or sold out). You can trust Craftibly to make sure you're not just a satisfied customer but a happy one! Each order is shipped fast and we offer no hassle returns. We hope your Craftibly kit will fast become your favorite purchase.

If you would like to read more about what diamond painting is please click the button below and visit our blog.

What is Diamond Art?

How do I do a Diamond Painting Kit?

Doing one of our beautiful Diamond Art Kits is really easy. Everything you need comes with your kit. Easy to read instructions and inventory list, applicator pen, sorting tray with spout, wax, diamonds, and your art canvas. 

The hardest part will be picking your design from our available paintings! Once you complete your selection and check out online you:

  1. Sit back and wait for order to arrive.
  2. Once it comes just follow the directions to place the diamonds onto the adhesive on top of the canvas.
  3. Enjoy your new creation!

If you'd like to read our full guide on how to do Diamond Painting click the button below and visit our blog.

How to Do Diamond Painting Art

Different Types of Diamond Painting Kits

A partial drill painting kit
Full drill diamond painting goes edge to edge

What is a Partial Diamond Painting?

A partial Diamond Painting doesn't involve covering the entire canvas in diamonds. Because there is so much extra space around the diamonds they are faster to complete and sometimes preferred by beginners. Often, instead of using normal diamond beads to complete your project, they use rhinestones. 

The final product is a mix between printed artwork and completed Diamond Painting. Check out our Partial Diamond Painting Kits Here.

What is Diamond Painting Full Drill?

A full Diamond Drill Painting Kit allows you to cover the entire canvas edge to edge. They take longer to complete but look amazing. Every inch sparkles and there will not be much (if any) gap between the diamonds. 

The final product appears as a mostly solid surface of gleaming diamonds. You can check out our Full Diamond Painting Kits Here.

What is the Difference Between 5D and 3D Diamond Painting?

5D and 3D refers to the number of facets on the diamonds used in the kit. 5D Diamonds have 80% more facets and therefore 80% more sparkle. Craftibly uses MaxLuster Diamonds. They are 5D and made from high quality resin. They are uniform in size and don't have rough edges like some drills do.

Each kit will come with all of the Maxluster Diamonds needed to finish your project. A new Diamond Painting Kit also means you get new wall decor for your home!

What is the Difference between Round and Square Drill?

Round Diamonds on a canvas
Square diamond drills

There are two main types of Diamonds in Diamond Painting. They are Round and Square. Being new to Diamond Painting means you should probably try both at some point because you may find that you prefer one over the other.

Round Drill Diamond Kits

Round diamond painting kits allow you to work faster with ease. They are also easier to place on the canvas due to having just a tiny bit of space in the corners of the grid pattern. For this reason they are preferred by those newer to Diamond Painting and are still a favorite for some seasoned crafters. Rounds also have more facets on them than squares. Craftibly MaxLuster diamonds have 80% facets than normal 3D Diamonds.

Make sure to check out our available Round Drill Kits Here.

Square Drill Diamond Kits

Square diamond painting kits are the single most used type of diamond in Diamond Painting and the vast majority of painters prefer them. That being said, they are a little harder to work with and keep in organized super tight rows without a bit more effort. Those who have been working Diamond Paintings for a while tend to do more square kits because every inch of space gets covered and it looks really amazing. It does take longer but it pays off in the end.

Squares have fewer facets than the rounds so you might think they reflect less light but that's not the case since they fill up 100% of the space.

You can browse our Square Drill Diamond Painting Kits Here.

Alternative Types

There also many other types of diamonds that you can find in kits. Rhinestones, Aurora Borealis, Special Shapes or Sizes, and we're sure there'll more in the future. Alternative Drill Kits can be located here.

Diamond painting kits on a table

What Makes Craftibly Diamond Painting Kits Better

Craftibly offers the highest quality diamond kits for adults with many advantages over getting cheap kits from overseas. In addition to supporting America's First Diamond Painting Store you get American standards for quality and service. Our Diamond Painting Kits come set with all the supplies you will need.

Will I Need Anything Else?

Nope!  Our Diamond Painting Kits are the highest quality anywhere in the US. We currently have Round Diamond Kits and Square Diamond Kits to choose from. But make sure to shop our tools & accessories where you can see what other items you might like to go with your Diamond Painting Kit.

Pro Tip: When you're ready for a break put your diamonds straight into a plastic bag (labeled of course) and save that color for later. You should stay organized because figuring out what color you put in your tray last night can be quite hard sometimes.

Amazing Customer Service from an Award Winning Team

This business may be new but our employees aren't. Our team has won several awards for the work we do. With over 80 years combined experience we know customer service, it isn't dead. It lives at Craftibly.

We can help choose a DIY Kit that's right for you. Just give us a call, shoot us an email, or message us on facebook. We hope you'll love our Diamond Painting experience as much as we do!

Customer working on a diamond painting kit

POPular diamond painting Kits

Arts and crafts will truly never be the same! Diamond Painting is the best activity to exercise your creative expression and flex those crafting muscles. Explore some our popular Diamond Painting Kits below. Did we mention free shipping for orders over $75? The best Diamond Painting Kits around also make the best craft gifts to buy for a friend. It will be both exciting and addicting to experience this amazing craft!

If you're ready to select a kit - search for a kit image you like. If you think a full kit seems overwhelming scale it back by browsing our rhinestone partials or maybe check out a unicorn diamond journal. No matter what you choose you'll have an amazing decoration when your done.

Adults will find working a larger size painting better to go at their leisure. Take is easy and pick something where you like the colors and the size. You don't have to choose the largest Diamond Painting Kit. Though large does look better when complete, many like the small ones. They are easier, faster, and cheaper in price. It's best to start with whatever you are comfortable with.


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