Santa’s Little Helpers (White Tube)

by Daniel Rodgers
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Tis the season of family, friends, hope, and love. These 2 children are for sure to bring you their holiday cheer as they pull their toboggan full of gifts for all stopping at doors along their way as they get a glimpse of all the differently decorated Christmas Trees. This large red door and brightly lit house is welcoming for all to celebrate the season. A gorgeous painting sure to bring back all those warm holiday memories of dazzling snow and family gatherings. Complete with 50 colors and AB diamonds.

Kit comes complete with 50 colors, Includes ABs, is Pre-Kitted in Ziplock Bags, Soft Backed Canvas, 20ft of Washi Tape, Mosfa Drill Tray, Glitter Infused Drill Pen, Wax, Inventory Sheet with Peel Off Label Stickers and a Sturdy Tube.

Earn up to 160 Diamonds.
Santas Little Helpers
Santa’s Little Helpers (White Tube)
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