DIY Owl Night Light


This owl night light will watch out for you and keep you safe. The owl is shades of brown, orange, beige, and white sitting on its branch in shades of browns, pale yellow and white outline in the clear moonlit sky of sapphire blue, green, aqua blue, pale green, white and silver.  When the lights are on, this will sure light up your whole room making all the gems pop! When the lights are off, all the colors sparkle and glow!

The owl night light is a complete kit with everything you need to make this iridescent watcher of the night! 

Included you will find:

  • Diamond painting pen
  • Diamond painting wax
  • Diamond painting tray
  • Diamond painting surface
  • Complete circular plastic backing with a slot for the batteries, build in stand on the bottom and a cut out in the back of the circular piece to hang this
  • 5 Led lightbulbs
  • Full drills both round and special shaped to complete the whole kit
  • 2 Double A (AA) batteries not included

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Diy Owl Night Light
DIY Owl Night Light


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