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Here’s some answers to frequently asked questions about our website

How do I get started?

For detailed kit instructions visit How to Diamond Paint.

Really, any of our diamond painting kits are a great way to get started, because they come with everything you need! What we recommend to start with is a smaller sized diamond painting though, so you can make sure it’s something you enjoy and that you don’t bite off more than you can chew. Some diamond paintings take weeks!

Drills? 5D? What do these words mean???

We actually have a convenient glossary for those who are having a bit of trouble with all the terminology surrounding diamond painting.

You can find the glossary of diamond painting terms and phrases here!

What do the kit version numbers mean? (1.0, 2.0, 3.0)

Our older kits are 1.0 they have a normal canvas material, are computer charted, and do not have ABs. These are from our old manufacturer. The 2.0 kits introduced soft-backed canvas and hand charting, and more colors. They were made by our new manufacturer. With 3.0 we have added ABs.

Where are you located?

We are owned and operated in the USA so no more waiting weeks for your order! All of our products ship from Fort Worth, Texas!

What is your printing quality like?

We use high definition printing! Better color and easy-to-read symbols means more time crafting your diamond painting and less time deciphering a garbled mess.

What canvas material do you use?

Our Eco-Blend, Soft-Back, thicker premium canvas lays flat and resists wrinkles. It’s pre coated with a shimmering paint so it sparkles even before you apply drills!

What kind of glue do you use?

Inferior diamond paintings use double-sided sticky paper for glue. We don’t. Poured adhesive means better adhesion and no rivers!

What kind of drills do you use?

Our MaxLuster 5D Acrylic Resin Diamond Drills have almost twice as many facets as regular diamond drills. This means 80% more shimmer and shine!

I have an issue. How do I get in contact with someone?

There are a few good ways to get in contact with us. Feel free to send us a message on Facebook Messenger, our website chat, call us at +1 (817) 678-8181 or shoot us an email at

Do you have free shipping?

We currently offer free shipping to the continental US for orders over $100
We are unable to offer this for Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Alaska. We’re sorry but shipping diamond paintings to you folks is really expensive!

How quickly do orders ship?

Orders for in stock products (not pre-orders!) placed during the week typically ship within a few business days. Many orders may be completed the same day as they are placed and are dropped off with a carrier the next morning. My wife and I usually work together on the orders in the evenings so orders placed by 6pm normally get filled that day. Unless we aren’t able to work that night and it will be delayed until the next evening.

Orders completed late friday or over the weekend won’t get to the carrier until Monday.

Sunday orders are normally filled Monday night.

Your order for in stock product should never take more than a few days to be completed unless we are shipping out a batch of newly received pre-orders (it’s a lot to ship out at once!) If it has been longer you are welcome to contact us.

What if I need to change my shipping address?

If you need to change your shipping address, contact us by phone at +1 (866) 222-2630 immediately so that we can change your shipping address, as we do tend to ship products quite quickly. In the event that you places your order late in the day and we are not available by phone, leave us a voicemail and contact us at so we can make sure we get notice as soon as possible!

How do I track an order?

Tracking information for your order is sent in an email after your receipt. Once your order has shipped you should receive regular updates on the status of your package via email and/or text message. 

You may also go back into your order history on your account page and click an order number to view it’s tracking number.

Where do you ship to?

Most of the world, however-

We cannot ship to these countries right now
Central African Republic – CF
Equatorial Guinea – GQ
Guinea Bissau – GW
Iran – IR
Johnston Island
Korea, North (North Korea)
Mayotte Island
Myanmar – MM
Saint Pierre Et Miquelon
Sao Tome & Principe
Sierra Leone – SL
Solomon Islands
Somalia – SO
St. Helena (S. Atlantic)
Sudan – SD
Syria – SY
Tokelau Islands
Turkmenistan, Republic Of – TM
Wake Islands

Why is your shipping so expensive?

That’s a good question. How else am I going to drive a Lamborghini? No, not really.

My wife and I are a small business and as a small business we are pretty lucky to have the rates we do! They will get better over time but we can’t compete with large companies shipping thousands of orders a month. Maybe one day 🙂

That said, we do not make up those rates ourselves! We use to pull real shipping rates from carriers, and then it calculates and combines customs, duties, and taxes into your shipping price. It’s often expensive, and unfortunately we’re not able to cover those costs ourselves.

Why is my card payment being declined?

There are a few reasons your card payment could be declined.

  1. You have not entered your billing address information in the exact way that your bank has it on file. This includes name, address, and zip code.
  2. You have accidentally mis-typed a number on your card or CVV.
  3. Your bank has a hold on your account or has locked it.

However, we update our website very frequently and there is a chance (less than 1%) that you have encountered an error.

If you believe that you have sufficiently made sure that you are entering all information correctly and your bank has not placed a lock, hold, or freeze on your account, please contact us so we can review this issue.

Why do I have two charges on my card/bank account?

You may at some point have two or more charges from us appear on your bank account as pending. Here’s what causes this.

  1. You may have hit the checkout button twice (rare) or attempt to place an order and the transaction was declined for whatever reason (more common).
  2. Our Website attempts to charge your card but fails. Your bank reserves this money as a pending transaction. The automated system doesn’t immediately know the transaction failed.
  3. You then try again and place an order with corrected information. Your bank again reserves the money for the sale. One transaction gets approved and we eventually receive the money for one of the transactions.
  4. Your bank takes an amount of time depending on bank and payment method to process cancellation of the pending charge and it eventually disappears (normally 3-5 days).

Declined transactions should only ever show as pending and will never clear your account. As soon as it finishes processing it should disappear.

Unfortunately, this is entirely in hands of the bank and the money has never made its way to us, so we can not do anything about this, or any pending charge.

What is your return policy?

While all returns are handled on a case by case basis, we do have some general guidelines for when and how you can return a product.

30 Day Happiness Guarantee: We have a 30 day guarantee on all products. If you aren’t happy with your product for any reason within 30 days, let us know and we will, refund, exchange, or replace your item depending on the condition of the item and reason for the return.

Unopened Product returns/exchanges: If you have a product purchased from us that has not been opened or used in any way you have 60 days from the date of purchase to return the item for a refund or an exchange of equal or lesser value. You are responsible for shipping the item back to us, and we will refund the entire initial purchase including your original shipping cost. If we are issuing an exchange we will cover the shipping of the new item you are exchanging your original purchase for.

Still have a question?

Please contact us for more information.

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