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We’ve been working on this incoming order of new diamond paintings for a while now, and it’s finally headed here! We’ve faced a large amount of setbacks that at times made us worried that we weren’t going to be able to get this order at all, but we’ve received notice that production has been completed and that new diamond paintings are on their way!

Continue reading to see all of the new diamond painting designs coming to Craftibly!

New Diamond Paintings From Alena Lazareva

Bird Woman 60X80 1
Bird Woman 60×80 – $64.99
Dancer With A Fan 60X80 1
Dancer With A Fan 60×80 – $64.99
Call Of The Sea 140X80 1
Call Of The Sea 140×80 – $139.99
Red Dragon Queen 60X80 1
Red Dragon Queen 60×80 – $64.99
Mermaid At Sunset 60X80 1
Mermaid At Sunset 60×80 – $64.99

New Diamond Paintings From Sheena Pike Illustration

Cat Crazy Chloe Munchkinz 40X60 1
Cat Crazy Chloe Munchkinz 40×60 – $39.99
Penelope Munchkinz Elf 60X40 1
Penelope Munchkinz Elf 60×40 – $39.99

New Diamond Paintings From Tanya Shatseva and Her Brother – JoJoesArt

Black Hole In The Milky Way 50X50 1
Black Hole In The Milky Way 50×50 $39.99
Deep Sea 50X70 1
Deep Sea 50×70 – $54.99
Dragon Night 70X50 1
Dragon Night 70×50 – $54.99

A Craftibly Exclusive from Anthony Casay

2169Tc 120X80 1
2169tc 120×80 by Anthony Casay – $129.99

Additional New Artists & Images

Bluebird In The Daisy Meadow 30X40 1
Bluebird In The Daisy Meadow 30×40 By Melinda Hipsher – $24.99
Breaking Dawn Indian War Horse 60X40 1
Breaking Dawn Indian War Horse 60×40 By Marcia Baldwin – $39.99
Butterfly In Wildflowers 40X40 1
Butterfly In Wildflowers 40×40 By Connie Wisman – $29.99
Celebrate Sunrise 50X30 1
Celebrate Sunrise 50×30 By Celebrate Life Gallery – $29.99
Church Cat 30X40 1
Church Cat 30×40 By Karla Gerard – $24.99
Coral Sky 40X30 1
Coral Sky 40×30 By Karla Gerard – $24.99
Coastal Shells 30X30 1
Coastal Shells 30×30 – $24.99
Cottage White 50X50 1
Cottage White 50×50 By Jim Mitchell – $39.99
Craby 30X40 1
Craby 30×40 By Martin Nasim – $24.99
Cross At Sunset 50X30 1
Cross At Sunset 50×30 – $29.99
Deer Lake 60X80 1
Deer Lake 60×80 By Jim Mitchell – $64.99
Earth Mother 70X50 1
Earth Mother 70×50 By Judy Mastrangelo – $54.99
Fairy Coloured 40X60 1
Fairy Coloured 40×60 By Delyth Angharad – $39.99
Garden Pond 40X40 1
Garden Pond 40×40 By Holly Carr – $29.99
Jesus Christ 30X40 1
Jesus Christ 30×40 By Natasha Mylius – $24.99
Lighthouse By The Shore 160X80 1
Lighthouse By The Shore 160×80 – $149.99
Moo 30X40 1
Moo 30×40 By Ivailo Nikolov – $24.99
Northern Timber Wolf 40X60 1
Northern Timber Wolf 40×60 By Michael Rasor – $39.99
Pink Flower 40X30 1
Pink Flower 40×30 (small) – $24.99
Pink Flower 70X50 1
Pink Flower 70×50 (medium large) – $54.99
Rainbow Tree 50X50 1
Rainbow Tree 50×50 By Carol Cavalaris – $39.99
Split 40X30 1
Split 40×30 By Martin Nasim – $24.99
Sunset Crossing 60X100 1
Sunset Crossing 60×100 By Wil Cormier – $84.99
Wildflowers On The Farm 60X40 1
Wildflowers On The Farm 60×40 By Celebrate Life Gallery – $39.99
007 Monarch And Swallowtail 30X40 1
007 Monarch And Swallowtail 30×40 By Charlsie Kelly – $24.99

Additional Features and A New Storefront

If you would also like to take a look at the many improvements we’ve made to our kits you can check out the article here. If you would like to see info regarding our storefront please click here!

Make sure to keep an eye out for our pre-sale coming very soon!

We’ve gotten a LOT of interest in people wanting to be able to pre-order to have a first shot at the new designs, so we’re going to be opening pre-orders for these new designs soon! Adding so many new designs, we will be limited on quantities so make sure to get in early if there is one in particular you are excited about. We will be holding on to a few of each kit to be listed for sale once they land in a few weeks. So if you do miss out on the pre-sale, there will be another chance to snag your favorite before we have to wait on another order.

Make sure you’re subscribed to our email list (the signup form is on the front page of the website) so you’re the first to know once these new diamond paintings are available!

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    • Avatar Of Michael Rasor
      Michael Rasor says:

      Hi there! The public presale will begin for the items arriving in August this Friday! Make sure to subscribe to our emails (form on the homepage) if you would like early access to events and sales. We appreciate you checking us out and supporting our small business!

  1. Avatar Of Drennie
    drennie says:

    I had a diamond painting that when u had ur presale I had registered it on my waitlist. I don’t see it now. I am looking Cat Crazy Chloe by Shenna Pike? Do u know when next presale will be? Also how do I store my Visa Debit Card

    • Avatar Of Michael Rasor
      Michael Rasor says:

      Hi there! The next phase of the presale begins tomorrow and there will be several more added. If you are on the waitlist the form should disappear so you should get an email when more are added Friday. They will go fast but we have already order another batch since it is so popular! For saving payment info, make sure to create an account and login during checkout. You will have options to save your payment method next to the credit card details! We don’t save it on our servers so it is completely safe.

    • Avatar Of Michael Rasor
      Michael Rasor says:

      It is also possible that if something is on the waitlist that it clears once the stock is added for the presale but it should send an email (might check spam)

    • Avatar Of Michael Rasor
      Michael Rasor says:

      Hi Jaime! My wife and I would love to have a consistent schedule but it really is dependent on what we can afford and when. So new items come as they are able right now 🙂 We announce new arrives via our email list and also on our social media feeds. I typically don’t release any info until I know it is on the way but we do occasionally offer pre-orders as well. Keep any eye out!

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