June 24th 4.0 kits full update

Full 4 0 Update
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A full update on the status of pre-orders and 4.0 kits

For all those who are new to Craftibly (HI!) or those who have not been able to follow along with the updates we’ve been posting to our instagram or our facebook, we wanted to give an update regarding our pre-orders, and current delays on many of our diamond painting kits and answer some questions we’ve been getting a lot of!

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Where are the kits right now?

June 30th Update: We got the truck today and spent all day getting it unloaded and into the warehouse! Orders will now be going out so keep an eye out for tracking information in your email!

June 26th Update: The trucking company called to schedule delivery and we have our delivery scheduled for Wednesday June 30th!

June 25th Update: They have cleared customs and are awaiting pickup for delivery from California to Texas!

We have been informed as of this morning (June 24th) that the kits are still stuck in customs and have been there since Monday (June 21)

I placed an order for an in stock product and still haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation

Unfortunately for technical reasons we had to remove the pre-order status from the pre-order products. We didn’t think this would be an issue as we were expecting them in pretty quickly at the time based off what we had heard from our manufacturer, but the order is still stuck in customs as of right now. This applies to any of the new (4.0) kits. Please be aware when we receive these kits they will be fulfilled in order of when they were placed so your order will be shipped after the pre-orders are fulfilled. We understand it’s a little confusing right now and apologize for any miscommunication regarding shipping times at the present moment. If you need help with this order, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

When is my order shipping?

We unfortunately aren’t able to give shipping estimates on orders that contain any of the new diamond paintings (the ones marked 4.0) as we are still waiting on them. We initially expected them on the 13th, but delays in customs and shipping have led to us still not having them in our hands as of right now. We were told this morning that they are still in customs. 

Why have I seen other people posting the new kits online when I haven’t got mine?

June 4th when the kits were done with manufacturing we had a small amount of the new kits (about 6%) shipped via an express method so that we could test our new shipping systems, get a better idea of how we’re going to arrange everything in our new warehouse, and make sure we knew everything we would need to do to prepare the new kits once we receive them. It’s good we did this, because we discovered a lot of new quirks and things to work around and got a way better idea of how the new system works so we’ll be better prepared when the rest of the order comes.

Why are the new kits showing as in stock now when I still haven’t got my order?

We had to remove the pre-order status from the kits for technical reasons.  Orders being placed for these kits since the pre-order status was removed will be shipping after the pre-orders are fulfilled. We feel this is only fair as those who pre-ordered the kits have been waiting as long as 3.5 months.

Am I still going to get my order?


I need help with my order I placed, what should I do?

You can feel free to contact us on our website chat using the little icon in the bottom right of any page of our website (fastest response), by emailing us at contact@craftibly.com (next fastest response), by messaging us on Facebook or Instagram, or If you want to talk to someone over the phone about your order you can reach us at 817-678-8181.

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