Diamond Drill Organizer


Grid Count

Diamond Drill Organizer - 28 Grid is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

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Our compact diamond drill organizers allow you to store many different colors. With hundreds of DMC colors of diamond drills available, you’ll eventually need a system for organizing and keeping track. You can take out one color at a time to pour out what you need and the clear lids are perfect for labeling what’s inside.

26 Grid Overall Size: 7″x4.25″
56 Grid Overall Size: 8.25″x7″
Single Cube Size: 1″x1″x.75″

Customer Reviews

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Susan Brodeur
Exactly as described

Good deal for the money

Nice quality

Very nice quality. Well worth the reasonable cost.

Jasmine Ortiz-Hebert

Great buy. Really happy with it. Each container can't hold a lot, but the fact that there's 56 of them makes up for that. Great for medium sized projects I'd say.

Yvonne Shefke
Love that there is a double option . Use these

Love that there is a double option . Use these all the time

M Lea Wiggins
I have been doing Diamond Painting for a little over

I have been doing Diamond Painting for a little over a year now and I find I have a lot of extra drills building up that I had been saving in tiny zip lock bags.
When I saw this I thought it would be a perfect container, a "bank" if you will, for extra drills. Since each little 4 division container fits inside the organizer it is doubly protected from mishaps.
Who of us hasn't knocked drills onto the floor, (carpet in my case), and then had to find them and retrieve them? I am hoping this will prevent that from happening. I have not knocked an entire package or color on the floor, but several times I have knocked my little bead tray on the floor and had to contend with finding those tiny little drills.
This is one very handy little tool and I am so glad I got it.