Puzzle Roll Up Mat


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These are perfect for any puzzle project you might not be able to knock out in one or two sitting. Also, great for taking puzzles on the move like a trip or vacation. They are supper easy to use, and preserve the progress you’ve made.

Puzzle Roll Up Mat:

Easy to Store & Transport

Save your in progress or completed puzzles with the inflatable tube and roll up mat.  Hold pieces in place and travels with you.

Use the included pump to blow up tube.

Holds Large Puzzles

Store large jigsaw puzzles up to 2,000 pieces. The felt mat measures 47" x 35.5" and ensures all pieces stay in place without folds or creases. The green mat color creates a contrast for easy visibility.

Easy To Use

Place the puzzle on the mat, about 8 inches from the edge, 2) inflate the tube with pump and place it on either side of the mat. 3) Roll up the mat over the inflated tube, 4) and tie with the two included fasteners.