We are extremely fortunate to have loyal customers and fans who also happen to be talented content creators and who care deeply for the diamond painting community! Some of them were among the first to order from us when we first began our family business and ever since they have been super supportive and given us lots of feedback during our journey. They are also a great place to go for information about diamond painting, preview videos of new diamond paintings, and reviews! We definitely recommend following them if you want to keep up to date!

Our current affiliates


Mindy's Diamond Moment


Billy's Crafting Lounge

Patriotic Beauty

Redneck Beauty


Anxiety Art Adventures


DP Addiction Adventures


Ruby Q Crafts


Kiss My Krafts

I wanna be an affiliate too!
(or collaborate in another way)

To start with, thanks for your interest in helping out with the journey of Craftibly!

Here’s some information you should know about our affiliates and being an affiliate for us (most of this typically applies to any other collaborations which involve an exchange of products or services)

  1. All of our affiliates were customers first. They ordered products from us because they wanted to, reviewed them because they wanted to, and after becoming affiliates may have received a gift here and there, sneak peaks of new products, or other small benefits. They don’t receive everything from us for free, so if you’re looking for free things to review then being our affiliate might not be for you.
  2. You work with us, not for us. You’re your own person and can give whatever feedback you would like on our products, or anyone else’s. If any problems do arise we do hope that you let us know first and let us have a chance to fix them like we would for any customer, but we’re not here to police anyone’s freedom of speech.
  3. Our affiliates do make a small commission on sales that they bring in to us using coupon codes or links. 
  4. Our affiliates are reviewed annually or on an as needed basis by our committee to make sure it’s still a good fit.
  5. Our committee who reviews all affiliate applications has decided that there are some requirements for being an affiliate which are as follows:
    • You have at least 1000 (for Youtube, expectations for Instagram/TikTok/etc. are much higher) real and decently engaged followers (affiliates or collaborations)
    • You’re active enough to be posting about anything at least twice a week (affiliates)
    • You post something about Craftibly at least once a month (affiliates)
    • It is not in all cases required but really helps if you have purchased and completed a craftibly product (affiliates or collaborators)

If all of this sounds great to you and you’re interested, you can submit an application to be an affiliate (or collaborate) by filling out the form below!