Craftibly Dye Lot Policy

Colors can and often do vary! DMC color numbers are a standard guideline for several craft industries (like Cross-Stitch or Diamond Painting), but dye lots (the colors) can be different between every manufacturer and production run.

We have no control over the production and exact shade of drills provided by our supplier. Do not expect our drills to be an exact match to drills you have from other companies. The drills we send may not even match ones you have previously purchased from us. This is beyond our scope of control.

We allow refunds/exchanges for returned items but return shipping for drills will be your responsibility (that of the purchaser).

But Wait! There can be a Good Reason to Mix Dye Lots

I know many may disagree but Amy and I sometimes mix Dye Lots. Why? Because the more colors there are in a Diamond Painting, the more texture, variation, and depth it can add to the finished effect. You can increase the color variation without increasing the number of colors at all!

*** THIS MAY NOT BE A GOOD PLAN IF YOU NEED DRILLS FOR A LARGE BLOCK OF COLOR THAT SHOULD LOOK FLAT *** like a solid white background or if you do not have a sufficient number of mixed drills. You don't want 4 drills standing out as a different color in a large open space that draws your eye. But if you have a confetti heavy design it can enhance the work with a little bit of variation in that one color. It can look more "natural".

It's up to you

If you're uncomfortable mixing dye lots then we would suggest ordering enough drills to complete at least one project with them and store each lot separately when finished.


Please note: Photos of our drills and their colors can look different than the actual color due to lighting or screen settings.