For product updates the best way to be kept in the loop is currently by following us on Facebook or Instagram but I'll be placing them here as well! 🙂

1/24/23 Rest of the kits are in! - We received the rest of the kits this morning and have already started shipping out remaining pre-orders! There's just a few of us shipping all of these so please be patient as we get these out, but you should get an email saying it's on the way once your package hits the mailstream!

In other news, once these are all shipped out we'll be announcing our leftover sale (probably a day ahead of time) on Facebook Instagram and via email where we will be selling the remaining kits that came in.

1/17/23 May collection pre-orders have started to arrive! - We have received 30 of 48 boxes of the May Collection pre-orders so far and can start shipping out the ones that are here! We are a small team of just a few people so this will take time but we'll be fulfilling these as fast as we possibly can! Since I (Adrian) will be helping this my responses to emails and messages will be slower than usual as any time on my computer will take me away from fulfilling orders so sorry if it takes a bit to get back to anyone!

12/13/22 "Back-ordered" kits have arrived! - Still no word on the May collection arriving at Customs, but the kits that were ordered as "back-order" in the last handful of months have arrived and will be shipping out as quickly as we can. We were actually worried about these not showing up in time with the may pre-orders but in a shocking turn of events our manufacturer cranked them out very fast and we had already asked for express shipping to try and get them here at the same time, so they arrived BEFORE the may collection. One of these kits was actually Flora Unicorn though so that is the one May Collection item we can begin to fulfill immediately!

11/4/22 And it's shipping! - Is it ok if we cry a bit out of relief? Now we just need to cross fingers that this is a somewhat fast slow boat!

11/3/22 So they didn't ship, but we're assured they will this week - Welp according to our manufacturer the most recent hold up was that the factory that makes the little purple cloth bags was shut down so they were waiting on those, but apparently that is finally resolved and they insist that the order will be on a boat to us this week. Light at the end of the tunnel? Maybe? Please?

10/10/22 sort of update - "May Collection" and backorders are all done but the getting boxed and shipped seems to be delayed, we discovered this was apparently due to the Chinese "Golden Week" holiday. We're expecting these to get on a boat at any time now.

09/07/22 spring pre-order shipping update - February-May "Spring collection" orders done! Missing kits we were shorted are now being shipped to us via express shipping! Note: This does not include "may collection" pre-order kits which we still haven't received yet! there's a lot of pre-orders that haven't gone out because they contain May collection items!⁠

Sorry for the pause on progress updates, I (Adrian) had to go help my girlfriend move here to Texas from Georgia so things have been running without me for a few days while I've been doing a completely different type of work!

09/01/22 spring pre-order shipping update - January "Spring collection" orders done! Note: this is the month the smaller "May collection" went up for pre-order, which we still haven't received yet! there's a lot of pre-orders from this month that haven't gone out because they contain May collection items!⁠

Other note: we have 3 orders from this month that were not able to be shipped due to being short on product - 2 of them had Turtle and 1 of them had Magic Happens. If you were wanting us to cancel these items instead to ship the rest of the order please get in touch with us, otherwise they are on express order and will ship as soon as possible!⁠

08/30 spring pre-order shipping update - December orders done! First month of pre-orders is down! Since this was the month the pre-orders went up it's also the month that had the most orders (about 25% of the total amount) so good milestone to have gotten through. Following months should go faster!

There are still 4 outstanding orders from the month of December that we are waiting to hear back from people regarding before they can ship, 2 of them because of an inventory shortage and 2 because we want to confirm the smaller size of Druid of Hampshire is ok (sometimes our emails go to spam!)

We hit the end of the Turtle kits that we had gotten so far due to the manufacturer only sending half of them, see our previous update from when we received the order if you're waiting on Turtle and yours hasn't shipped yet.

Alright on to January we go!

08/26 International shipments update:

Lots of our order shipments to customers are getting severely delayed in transit and a few orders we've sent to the U.K. have even been returned to us for seemingly no reason. Investigating this a USPS agent told me it's due to labor shortages which is corroborated by The USPS service alerts page but I still don't know why that would result in a package being sent back to us with no reason why. Sorry for how long these shipments are taking. I'm not a big fan of USPS right now.

08/24 Spring collection update-
We've got a lot of good news and a bit of bad news!⁠
Good news is the Spring Collection order is here! For a full list of all products in this order, please see the post here!

If your product was not an in-stock product, and is not in that list, it's part of the May batch. You can check our product updates page on our website for the newest updates regarding that! ⁠

Please remember that we're just a few people and getting all of these orders out will take time! This is compounded by that we'll be opening a LOT of these to transition them from boxes to tubes! If you have an order that will be shipping from this batch please try to refrain from messaging asking when your order is going to ship (unless of course you may need us to hold it because you're leaving town or moving).

The reasoning for this is just that if I'm buried in messages I (Adrian) can't be out on the floor shipping so it slows us down quite a bit!⁠

Bad news is they shorted us a bunch of cases, and while a lot of them won't affect us getting pre-orders out, a few of them will.⁠

If your order contains one of the following placed after these dates:⁠
Eternal Companion Mermaid - on or after 01/01/22⁠
Turtle - On or after 01/18/22⁠
Trick Or Treat Pumpkin Witch - On or after 06/01/22⁠

We unfortunately do not presently have the product to ship your order due to us being shorted. We will be ordering the additional quantities needed to fulfill the orders and this should not take remotely the amount of time normal orders have been taking for us.

If you want to continue to wait for the kit, no need to do anything, but if you would like to cancel the kit so the rest of your order can ship please let us know!⁠

08/19 "Spring Collection" is now at port and just needs to clear customs and make it's way over to us!

08/12 "May Collection" update (the order following the spring order): this order is in the final stages of production but is being frozen there (yet again) by yet another covid lockdown in China.

07/21 mini update: It's shipped!

07/19 mini update: Our manufacturer has completed production of the spring collection, has gotten everything boxed up, and is obtaining a shipping quote. The order should be on a boat very soon, which means ~3-6 weeks for the boat and customs to get the order here!

"May collection" is now in full swing of production but no real details on that yet.

7/04 update

5/06 update (update specific to Kirin And Bakeneko, Windswept, Faces Of Faery 112, Faces Of Faery 187, The Moon, and Language Of Flowers 4)

4/19 update