Alena Lazareva
Alena Lazareva

Alena Lavareza

Alena Lazareva is a digital artist and illustrator. Alena Lazareva was born in Russia. In 1994 Alena Lazareva was signed up for art school, where she studied painting, art history, and sculpting for the next 4 years. She also decided to join the Kazan University to study Strategic Management .
She discovering digital painting in 2008. She has been enthralled by digital painting ever since. Using primarily Photoshop , along with a drawing tablet Wacom. Since 2009 Alena takes job orders and had some great success with her art. Her works had been published in magazines and books of different countries (England, Australia, Italy, Russia). Her main area of focus is fantasy art, mystical beings, fairies and mermaids. At the moment she works full time as freelance artist.
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