Diamond Painting

Diamond Painting is a fun craft that's quickly becoming America's fastest growing arts and craft hobby! Painting lovers, cross-stitch crafters, puzzle people, and art enthusiasts will find it an easy way to relax. Everyday more and more people discover the wide range of benefits Diamond Painting presents. So relax and kick back while you experience the special feeling that comes from doing this handmade project.

Craftibly's quality Diamond Painting kits and Diamond Painting canvas are top quality at a great price! Our amazing results speak for themselves. Using poured glue adhesive, the best MaxLuster 5D diamond drills, easy to follow directions and everything you need to get started - your results are guaranteed to be incredible! We make it fun, relaxing, and easy to try this amazing craft.

What is a Diamond Painting Kit?

Diamond Painting is a new craft in America but it's been around a couple years overseas. It's known by many names in different parts of the world. Diamond embroidery, diamond dotz, diamond mosaic, pixel hobby, and diamond art just to mention a few. Here in the US we usually just refer to it as Diamond Painting.

The kits are all-in-one and allow you to do an entire project with no other requirements. So they make excellent gifts and you won't need to order anything else with them.

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What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting is a cross between cross-stitch/embroidery and paint by numbers. Each tiny resin bead in a Diamond Painting kit is the equivalent to a stitch in a pattern. It's also similar to assembling a puzzle. With thousands of designs it's fantastic! Great for crafting on your own or with a group of friends.

High quality Diamond Paintings offer custom supplies and premium tools everyone loves. Click "Read More" for our definitive guide "What is diamond painting?".


How do you do Diamond Art?

Diamond Painting is an incredibly easy DIY craft to get into and do at your leisure. Just buy a kit (comes with diamond pen, tweezers, diamonds, painting canvas, & tray) and you're all set! The best part is you don't actually paint in the traditional sense and we offer a variety of new sizes and prices.

There are a number of accessories, items, and tools to use but you can discover those over time. Click "Read More" to read our article on "How to Diamond Paint".


Different Types of Diamond Painting

There are two main types of Diamond Painting and several sub categories making this a very versatile DIY hobby. But you don't have to choose just one!

What is Full Drill Diamond Painting?

The most popular form of DP is called "Full Drill" Diamond Painting. Many Diamond Painting lovers prefer this because you are covering the entire canvas with your work. See our Full Drill Diamond Painting Kits.

What is Partial Drill Diamond Painting?

Another popular type of Diamond Painting is called "Partial Drill". This is favored by those looking to try out DP for the first time who might be intimidated by doing an entire canvas. Based on the fact they only cover certain parts of the canvas with diamonds (or sometimes rhinestone) which makes it much faster to finish. It is also more forgiving because there's more room and a they tend to be less expensive. If you are new - it's necessary to check out our Partial Diamond Painting Kits.

There are also two main types of diamond drills (the beautiful resin beads) customers use in the Diamond Painting craft – round and square. Round ones are good for beginners and getting finished quickly. Square ones cover the entire canvas and are preferred by most Diamond Painters.

MaxLuster 5D Diamonds

Craftibly diamonds are small in size (2.5mm), shaped round or square, and make your images sparkle! They're the best type of diamonds made for Diamond Painting. The facet (face of the diamond drill) is what provides the luster and shine that people love. Regular diamonds have only 13 facets at most. Ours are 5D meaning the rounds have 26 facets and the larger square have 15 facets. That's 80% more than regular diamonds to give an amazing diamond finish for days!

The Benefits of Diamond Painting

Perks of Diamond Painting (much like cross-stitch) include mental and physical benefits such as stress relief and improvement of hand-to-eye coordination. No matter what your age, create a sense of accomplishment and pride with every completed project.

What are you waiting for?

Looking to buy a unique Diamond Painting kit in partial or full? Or shop kits to create your own jewelry instead? Find the best accessories to help you complete your DIY project? Or maybe just add some extra rhinestones before you start the perfect mosaic? We hope to one day have the largest collection of Diamond Paintings. It would be great to carry thousands of diamond painting products and thousands of Diamond Painting kits but we are a humble startup. For now you can browse our deals and you'll find everything you need to get started today.

In conclusion

Diamond Painting is an easy and enjoyable pastime. We invite you to explore the many features, color, style, selection, and products in our store for Diamond Painting. We have small ones the size of a sheet of paper and our largest is a big as a person! We offer everything needed now at Craftibly online. We would love for you to order from us and if not for yourself we always welcome you to share gifts with a friend :-)

We proudly guarantee all of our products so even if there is a problem we will fix it! You have no reason not to give Craftibly a try for your next painting diy project. As a customer feel free to check out our blogs, all our reviews, and offers to learn more about us.

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