Frog Loving Felicia

by Sheena Pike
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Coming to our 4.0 kits! Meet Felicia! One of Chloe’s sisters!

Bright, bold and full of summer lovin fun! She has cascading green and blue retro style hair with a bright yellow flower on one side and her best frog friend on the other. Sitting with her frog friends soaking up the sun…could one of these be her Prince Chaming?

All 4.0 Kits come complete with a soft purple burlap tie string bag, 2 pots of red wax, Mosfa tray, pad of wax, solid pointy tweezers, glitter pen with multiplacers and single drill tip with purple squishy, 2 rolls of Washi tape and a random cover minder.

Earn up to 225 Diamonds.
Spike Frog Loving Felecia Munchkinz 18x24 1
Frog Loving Felicia
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