Halloween Dragonling

Image Size: 20"x24" (50cm x 60cm)
Drill Shape: Round
Total Colors: 59
AB Drills: 2
Rhinestones: 2
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No need to be fearful of Halloween with this bright eyed girl and her protector!

Another great masterpiece by JBG, this beautiful bright eyed girl with hair and eyes in shades of oranges and golds holding onto her fearless dragonling while she rests atop a nest high in the tall trees while the moonlight beams.

Perfect painting not just for Halloween but, year round with brilliant shades of oranges, golds, greens, blues, grays plus more colors than before and she has special rhinestones and AB drills.

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Art Canvas, Super Sparkly Diamonds, Label Sheet, Pen, Tray, Multiplacer Tips, Reuseable Burlap Bag, Random Coverminder, Two Rolls of Random Washi Tape, Wax, and Tweezers.

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