Jack O Man Halloween House


Image Size: 18"x24" (45cmx60cm)
Drill Shape: Round
Total Colors: 57
AB Drills: 4
Rhinestones: 4
Specials: 2

Jack O Man Halloween House is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Introducing Jack O Man Halloween House, by Sheena Pike! Not your average haunted house experience -- this spooky abode will have you howling with delight. Get ready to explore this whimsical pumpkin with costume, candy, and cute critters! Features special drills, rhinestones, and ABs. 

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What Comes In Your Diamond Painting Kit?

Art Canvas, Super Sparkly Diamonds, Label Sheet, Pen, Tray, Multiplacer Tips, Reuseable Burlap Bag, Random Coverminder, Two Rolls of Random Washi Tape, Wax, and Tweezers.

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So far, I have really enjoyed working on this kit. The drills have been beautiful, with VERY little trash. The canvas has been really tacky & soft. The rendering is amazing. And the best part - if you or a loved one is a first responder, you get an additional discount! Def recommend this small business shop.

Jack O Man Halloween House

I’m lost for words with how much I’m loving this painting. I’m doing this painting and Halloween Hannah for the Drills for Chills 2023. This is my first of quite a few Craftibily paintings I have in my stash. This canvas is perfect, such clear charting symbols and the drills, they are the most beautiful I’ve worked with so far. I have over 200 paintings in my stash, but I’m now wishing they were all Craftibily paintings. 😍💜💜