Java Joanna


Image Size: 24"x18" (62cm x 47cm)
Drill Shape: Round
Total Colors: 36
AB Drills: 2

Java Joanna is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

If you love coffee, cats or both, this girl is for you! Not only does she have a coffee bean on her scarf but, she has a chocolate chip cookie waiting to dive into one of the coffee mugs on her hat! She definitely knows that chocolate and coffee do go well together and the cat on her mug seems to be agreeing with that as well.

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Art Canvas, Super Sparkly Diamonds, Label Sheet, Pen, Tray, Multiplacer Tips, Reuseable Burlap Bag, Random Coverminder, Two Rolls of Random Washi Tape, Wax, and Tweezers.

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Customer Reviews

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Barb Gerstenberger
Disappointed by change in painting orientation

I actually pre ordered and paid in December of 2021 with an anticipated delivery date in March, I believe. I finally received it the end of August 2022. I was working on other paintings until now.

Imagine my disappointment when I opened the canvas and found they had changed the orientation of the kit and cropped much of the top and bottom. It doesn't go with the other one I had completed. This canvas is 24" wide by 18" high. The previous canvas was 24" high and 18" wide. It is missing some of the cute details the others have that made them more special.

Hi Barb, sorry you didn't like Java being a different orientation. She's an older Munchkin and the artist has several the switch between vertical and horizontal. If you ever get a kit you want to exchange or are unhappy with please message us and we will find a way to swap you out or refund you. No one wants a project they won't do!

Amy and I sure appreciate your patience and support during last year. Please shoot me an email. I will attempt to contact you via the web system as well.

Shawn A Barker

I really enjoyed working on her. There are 2 ABs (I bought this one before they included crystals) the white AB is in the background and seriously makes her shimmer like she is on stage. I added some extra bling to her glasses, eyes, flowers, hat ,hearts, and coffee cup. This one works up fast and has about a 60/40 ratio of color blocking/confetti. I had one color that had a lot of trash drills. Fantastic canvas and very enjoyable to work on.

Joann Carpenter
Cute picture but the colors not so much.

This picture is so cute. I just wish the colors would have been more like the picture shown on the web site. The true colors are more orange and her eyes are red. Not impressed and very disappointed.

Anne Dachenhaus
Beautiful Kit

I really enjoyed this kit. The design is adorable, and the details amazing. A nice, quality kit.

Jennifer Moore
So stinking cute!!!

Love this series by Sheena Pike and cannot wait to work on Java Joanna.