Summer Splendor


Image Size: 20"x24" (50cmx60cm)
Drill Shape: Round
Total Colors: 67
AB Drills: 6
Rhinestones: 4

Discover tranquility and beauty with Bridget Voth's Summer Splendor diamond painting! Marvel at a dreamy rabbit in Springtime colors, gazing lovingly at a delicate hummingbird. Your peace of mind is priceless - capture it in art!

Photo of what comes in your Craftibly kit
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What Comes In Your Diamond Painting Kit?

Art Canvas, Super Sparkly Diamonds, Label Sheet, Pen, Tray, Multiplacer Tips, Reuseable Burlap Bag, Random Coverminder, Two Rolls of Random Washi Tape, Wax, and Tweezers.

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Another beautiful painting from Craftibly! The quality is superior and they always have special enhancement drills. They are always a lot of fun to work on. Highly recommend Craftibly!