Sweet Isabella

Image Size: 20"x28" (52cm x 72.5cm)
Total Colors: 56 Round / 56 Square
AB Drills: 3 Round / 3 Square
Rhinestones: 1 Round / 0 Square
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A beautiful tribute to the Dia De Los Muertos. Isabella is patiently sitting in the field at dusk surrounded by beautiful gold and black butterflies that match her fairy wings. Her face is painted in traditional Day of the Dead makeup, her long flowing black hair is accented with purple highlights, a large golden flower and more gorgeous gold butterflies.

Her colors are absolutely stunning, bold and bright.. just like her!

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Art Canvas, Super Sparkly Diamonds, Label Sheet, Pen, Tray, Multiplacer Tips, Reuseable Burlap Bag, Random Coverminder, Two Rolls of Random Washi Tape, Wax, and Tweezers.

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