To celebrate the Craftibly Craze event being hosted by Mindy's Diamond MomentMystria Diamonds and The Principal Painter the month of June we're having a special giveaway! 🥳⁠
If you want to participate in the event itself make sure to check them out on youtube for details and pull out one of your Craftibly kits to start working on!⁠

As for the giveaway, we're giving away 16 total prizes which are the following:⁠
1 prize - $200 gift card⁠
2 prizes - $100 gift card⁠
3 prizes - $50 gift card⁠
5 prizes - Choice of any in stock kit⁠
5 prizes - A surprise no longer available kit⁠

How do you enter you may ask? Any order placed during the whole month of June (even before this announcement) automatically gets an entry into the giveaway!⁠

We'll be doing the drawing on July 7th just to give us some time to get everything gathered and prepared. ⁠

As usual, thanks so much for everyone's love and support and may the odds be in your favor! 😁⁠
June 20, 2023 — Adrian Scarborough

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